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Things I learned about Voltage, Current, and Resistance

Updated: May 6, 2021

My first three subjects I am Studying on my own at the moment are:

- Engineering Circuit Analysis/ Embedded Systems

- Pre-Calculous

- C/C++

This short blog is just going over a very small piece of what I learned over the last few weeks about Circuits.

Three of the most fundamentals things to know about Circuits is Voltage, Current, and Resistance. But first off a circuit is essentially a closed loop that carries an electric current.

(I did all of the illustrations so definitely feedback is welcome.)

Just like the current of a river, some sort of force is required in order to move the current of electrons through the circuit.

For water in a river it could be the wind, or gravity due to elevation. But for elections in a circuit it could be a battery or power from a wall socket. A battery or wall socket will introduce force into our circuit in order to "push" our electrons around in a circuit. (Note that is not literally what happens under the hood but...) This force from the positive end of a battery or socket is called Voltage. Volts are the "push" that causes the current of electrons to flow.

Essentially in a wire what we can call free electrons are pulled across space between atoms and the negative charge of the atoms eject from one atom to the next creating a flow of electrons we call current. I'll save the what is an electron for when its a bit more clear for me. (I will in the future be reviewing chemistry...)

I found this excellent example for how the electrons move here.

Sometimes we want to purposefully cause a resistance in this current in order to distribute the proper amount of voltage connected to our circuit. Like sending electrons to a light bulb for example.

For My learning of Engineering Circuit Analysis I started out with this Youtube Series. But in order to go deeper I have invested in the paid downloadable classes on their website. Honestly it's a hidden gem.

These basics have already helped me understand so much more about electronics and I have been learning so many cool things like Ohm`s Law. Thanks for following along in some of my learning and feel free to leave feedback :).

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