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Harold Davis


Software Engineer

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About Me?

I am a Software Engineer who empowers and inspires people for the culture, learning environment, and exploration of computer science.

Who am I?


My dream is to work in the space industry or on technology that has the potential to evolve how we operate here on earth.  In order to Obtain my dream. After work each day I study a specific point of interest regarding hardware, software, and going back to school in hopes to one day help with our efforts to improve earth based tooling or explore the universe.

At night or weekends... I have fun building games!


I also am building a couple of video games for iOS. One is a rock paper scissors fighting game. The other is a top down action RPG. I use the swift language for both of these projects. More info can be found in my resume.


Life | Hobbies

Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship


I have had the honor of doing traditional Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido) for 10 years. It has been extremely rewarding, as it taught me a lot about patience, discipline, and clarity of thought during execution.


I practiced two styles and I was extremely fortunate to get double promoted for my second style.

I also have had the chance to do Kendo for a few years and it was a lot of fun competing against other Kendoists.

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